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Spring Preparations

It was five months ago in September that we harvested our last tomato... Winter persists and the snow still falls, along with the temperatures, but in the greenhouse we are preparing for Spring.  The promise for days of rest throughout Winter have been set aside; there is far too much to still get done before the start of the new [...]

Spring Preparations2019-03-06T08:25:59-07:00

New Year, New Possibilities!

As the cold wind howls and the snow falls we continue to work forward towards our goals of the winter. Plans to rest during the winter have been set aside. We have too much to do still. With the install of our new wildlife-friendly perimeter fence,we are on a race to finish. But all work here is not frigid and [...]

New Year, New Possibilities!2019-03-06T06:58:34-07:00


Ahh winter, it's a beautiful time of year, maybe my favorite. It's quiet, peaceful, serene, the earth slumbers and in theory farmers rest. I've heard it said that we read, write poetry and recover from a summer of toil. Well that's just silly, in addition to the projects Tim highlights here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssjEMe8SsNY we're repairing tools, sharpening instruments, [...]



Hello! It's been awhile, did you miss us?  As always it's been busy, that said with today being the equinox and a distinct hint of old man winter in the air, things are slowing down. For the rest of you in the Northern Hemisphere we'll notice rapidly shortening daylight hours, as the earth seemingly goes to sleep. Traditionally the equinox [...]


Cultivating Hope

I'm convinced the very act of farming, implies optimism.  Whether it's planting a seed in the ground, or raising livestock, it's simply not worth the effort without hope.  The mere act of putting a seed in soil means you hope the weather will cooperate, the bugs and the deer and everything else that wants a meat will at least leave [...]

Cultivating Hope2019-01-03T10:39:07-07:00

Hello again

Apparently it's been a month since my last blog, I blame Tim.  He said if busy it wasn't  the highest priority.  Well we've been busy, in theory we're in a maintenance phase, but we all know how theories work.  I feel bad that we've left any of you in the dark but if you're ever missing our blog remember we have [...]

Hello again2019-03-06T07:01:24-07:00

Thunder Mountain

I was going to refer to a rollercoaster that was infamous at a small amusement park near my childhood home, but figured the infamous Thunder Mountain would be easier for most of you to relate to.  As children and even in our early adult lives most of us enjoy roller coasters,  wether it's the fear, the speed, the end, there's [...]

Thunder Mountain2019-03-06T05:40:00-07:00


Well it was another great week, here at ABC Acres.  I know we did a lot, most of it was interesting and fun, but when I went to move the herd this morning, I discovered Lori had calved. This made the rest of the week a blur!  I know we made process on the new greenhouse;  although, like most home improvement projects [...]


Growing a Farm

It's Friday! Which means I have to regroup, and share what's been happening on the farm.  Foremost in our thoughts has been starting construction of our new high tunnel, (green house).  So we've been preparing the ground and placing timbers for it to sit on.  Remember in middle school when you thought you'd never use geometry? Well apparently the Pythagorean [...]

Growing a Farm2019-03-06T05:40:14-07:00

The good life

It's hard to believe it's Friday, I feel like I was just here writing about last week.  We're starting to enter more of a maintenance phase on the farm.  Tim's out right now finding homes for the last of our tree plantings, and the big push to get trees and shrubs in the ground is winding down.  Our focus for [...]

The good life2019-03-06T05:40:22-07:00