The good life

It’s hard to believe it’s Friday, I feel like I was just here writing about last week.  We’re starting to enter more of a maintenance phase on the farm.  Tim’s out right now finding homes for the last of our tree plantings, and the big push to get trees and shrubs in the ground is winding down.  Our focus for the week has been getting the garden in order, in the chaos of animals and tree plantings, it’s easy to let even a smaller garden get out of control.  I also got to fire up the tractor and use our Yeoman’s plow to seed some sunflowers into some of our pastures.  If you’re not familiar, a Yeoman’s plow is a multi shank sub-soiler, the shanks drag through the ground like a knife, that creates slices in the soil helping eliminate compaction but keeping the overall composition of the soil intact.  The sunflowers should create an amazing visual for farm guests, and provide plenty of food for the bees, birds and deer, hey our chickens might even get some! Our cattle are grazing luscious spring grass, it’s waist high in places! The only downside is it feels as if one of the trickster gods, Loki or Coyote, is messing with our irrigation systems. Everything has been fine in the mornings but when we set up for evening runs invariably something has been wrong, leaving Tim and I out wrenching in the fields later than we’d like to be.  All said and done it’s a great time to be in this beautiful place, if you haven’t experienced spring in the Bitterroot valley, make reservations now for next spring.  Did you know we have farm stays?

Till next time, Happy growing!