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Welcome to the Farm Shop

Experience the ebb and flow of varying seasonal delights by treating yourself with a visit to an authentic farm shop.  Don’t be surprised to see staff coming and going with freshly harvested fruits and vegetables, or perhaps recently propagated herbs or fruit bearing plants potted and ready for a new home!  Well stocked shelves showcase fresh fruits & produce, farm fresh eggs, preserved jams, jellies, and other goodies, along with custom cut pork and beef options… all harvested directly from ABC acres.  Additionally, you will find health & wellness products for your personal use, not to mention books, shirts, jewelry, and other carefully crafted items worthy of your consideration.  Also, don’t hesitate to bring the children along,  as the adjacent play area sports a collection of child-friendly activities consisting of swings, tree house, dirt area, tractor, and more.  Let the little one’s run off some energy while you soak in the sunshine taking a moment to relax.

Whether you are looking for a Livestock addition; Good, Clean food for your table; or planning an Outdoor Excursion full of Education and Observation, ABC acres has something for everyone.

Buy Products from the Farm


A commitment to building healthy soil results in perpetual increases in pasture productivity resulting in happy, healthy livestock, translating into nutrient-rich Beef, Pork and Poultry choices for your dining table.


A diversity in fruit, vegetable, and nut options provide abundant harvests, offering a variety of seasonal food choices for breakfast, lunch, & dinner.


Next time with family and friends, show off your support for ABC acres by wearing a varying collection of farm apparel to promote the pursuit of regenerative agriculture and nutrient-dense foods.

Experience On-Farm Activities

Take in ABC acres as you explore the farm, while viewing our many educational kiosks, witnessing  numerous Permaculture installations, and enjoying the antics of our on-farm residents.  Plan on contemplating and discussing with friends, or perhaps just yourself, how ABC acres uses design of the natural world to promote a healthy and regenerative landscape full of seasonal abundance.

Livestock Feedings:  8 am & 4 pm Daily, duration about 60 minutes – $25/person, max $75/group, max ~6 people.

* Learn about the animals, how we care for them, what they eat, and where they spend their days.

Self-Guided Farm Walk:  9.30 am – 3.30 pm (last check-in 3 pm) – $25 per vehicle, Dogs Welcome – DOGS MUST BE KEPT ON LEAD AT ALL TIMES.

* Enjoy a walk through the farm by immersing yourself in a vibrant agriculture model partnering with nature and local wildlife to promote abundance.

System Specific Farm Tour:  Custom Start Times Daily, duration about 60 minutes – $100 flat fee, max ~12 people.

* Learn how ABC acres’ utilizes cues from observing Nature to maximize agriculture production while ensuring healthy systems.

Full Farm Tour:  Custom Start Times Daily, duration about 2 – 3 hours – $100 per hour, max ~12 people.

     * Join ABC acres farm staff as you walk the entire farm while learning about Permaculture systems applied throughout.  Visit livestock, planting destinations, and ongoing operating systems as we delve deep into ideology behind ABC acres’ Permaculture, Regenerative-Ag practice.

Nature Observation Walk: Custom Start Times Daily, duration 1-3 hours – $100 per hour, max 12 people.

* Join ABC acres’ staff as you walk the farm, take time to visit the various corners of the property, and engage in light conversation about all that is witnessed.

Work-along Experience: Full & Half-Day Programs Offered Daily, $250 half-day / $450 full-day – price is offered per group (size/details to be discussed).

* Join ABC acres’ staff for a variety of activities, tasks, and/or discussions, which could include livestock duties, harvesting / planting, & general maintenance.

Call Tim at 406-210-5710 to book now – 24-hour reservations preferred.

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