New Year, New Possibilities!

As the cold wind howls and the snow falls we continue to work forward towards our goals of the winter. Plans to rest during the winter have been set aside. We have too much to do still. With the install of our new wildlife-friendly perimeter fence,we are on a race to finish. But all work here is not frigid and toiling.

Stepping in from the cold we enter an entirely different environment, a change in hemisphere. Our greenhouse teems with the sounds of waterfalls, and soon the sounds of frogs. Walking amidst the greenery and foliage you’ll find fig, lemon, orange, and lime trees bearing fruit, ripening on the branch, ready to harvest. As you explore further into the indoor jungle, you’ll see a pond of fish where the school swims circles. This pond is the foundation of our aquaponics system, which will soon be finished.

The smell of smoked meats lingers in the air as we process meats in our farm kitchen. The cattle and pigs we raised have provided the meat we are preserving and processing. This is a new endeavor this year and our early trials have been a pleasure to sample.

So come by for a visit and take a break from the Montana winter! Delight in the refreshing warmth of our greenhouse,indulge in the smoky smells, and enjoy the wildlife here on the farm.

Happy New Year!

Tim P. and Crew