Well it was another great week, here at ABC Acres.  I know we did a lot, most of it was interesting and fun, but when I went to move the herd this morning, I discovered Lori had calved. This made the rest of the week a blur!  I know we made process on the new greenhouse;  although, like most home improvement projects the kajillion trips to pick up supplies doesn’t  feel like you’re making progress.  We also got more vegetables transplanted, and started even more, which is always fun.  However, now that we have 1 calf on the ground all I want is to go see what the remaining mommas have in store for us.  Upon reflection most of the bitterroot calved in January/ early February, I don’t think I’d be so eager to check on calves in that weather, also it’s fun to watch Lori hide the little fella in the tall grass, it’s almost as if it’s some sort of instinct to hide their young in deep grass.  I must be making that up though…. Anyway till next week, Happy Growing!

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