Spring Preparations

It was five months ago in September that we harvested our last tomato…

Winter persists and the snow still falls, along with the temperatures, but in the greenhouse we are preparing for Spring.  The promise for days of rest throughout Winter have been set aside; there is far too much to still get done before the start of the new growing season.  Long grow season crops have begun such as leeks, hot peppers, sweet potato scapes, and elderberry propagations.  Along with our seed starts and propagation, we are continually harvesting fresh cucumbers from the vine, as well figs and Meyers lemons – nice treats to motivate us with visions of Summer days.

The Highland cattle saunter through their Winter paddock with chilling winds blowing wildly past them, they seem content though with a look of anticipation for Spring gleaming in their eyes – their woolly coats hanging with icicles making us all feel a bit chilled.  The goats are looking happy and healthy, despite holding up for the most part in the warmth of their barn, eating well in preparation for the birthing of their young this upcoming Spring.  Farm staff have been frantically plowing the farm roads due the Valley’s record-setting snowfall this past week, and too focusing on new products/services to unveil in the coming months/seasons ahead.

Spring is coming, for some of us perhaps not quick enough, but with much excited anticipation by all the farm’s dwellers.

ABC acres’ crew.