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Come and Stay on our Montana Permaculture Farm


What is a Farm Stay?

From Springtime baby animals to the first brilliant colors of Fall, to bugling herds of elk or rogue chickens on the loose, experiencing an ABC acres’ Farm Stay promises something uniquely different for both young and old. So whether you wish to relax and rejuvenate while rocking away on the front porch during yet another glorious sunset, or dawn some boots and take part in a daily livestock feeding, an ABC acre’s Farm Stay will unfold in a most relaxing and rejuvenating manner, while building lasting memories, strengthening relationships, and setting the course for all things positive.

  • Nestled between the Majestic Bitterroot & Sapphire Mountains at the foot of the Bitterroot River.

  • Rich Landscape in Harmony with Diverse Wildlife in a Natural Setting.

  • Permaculture Farm Cultivating a Productive Agriculture Model Emulating Nature’s Way.

“We wish we had more time!

This was our first vacation in 27 years that wasn’t on the ocean and it was such a wonderful experience.  We loved the farm property, the delicious food, picking strawberries and raspberries, fishing in the ditch, bird watching, walking to the river and generally enjoying the gorgeous scenery.”

                                                   The DiAntonio Family, July/2017

Buy Products from the Farm


A commitment to building healthy soil results in perpetual increases in pasture productivity resulting in happy, healthy livestock, translating into nutrient-rich Beef, Pork and Poultry choices for your dining table.


A diversity in fruit, vegetable, and nut options provide abundant harvests, offering a variety of seasonal food choices for breakfast, lunch, & dinner.


Next time with family and friends, show off your support for ABC acres by wearing a varying collection of farm apparel to promote the pursuit of regenerative agriculture and nutrient-dense foods.

About the Farm


What Makes Our Farm Special

ABC acres is a permaculture farm in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana. Sustainable food production, healthy living systems, and ecological design is what we are all about. Our cattle, chickens and pigs are out on open pasture, eating, resting and living the way nature intended.

Much like our livestock family, our vegetables, herbs, fruits and nuts are grown with the same approach. It’s a mixture of annuals and perennials intertwined with pollinator species, companion plantings, and multi-structured food forests. It’s nature’s way… a way of ensuring diversity, reducing disease, and increasing harvest for an overall healthy farm.

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