Growing a Farm

It’s Friday! Which means I have to regroup, and share what’s been happening on the farm.  Foremost in our thoughts has been starting construction of our new high tunnel, (green house).  So we’ve been preparing the ground and placing timbers for it to sit on.  Remember in middle school when you thought you’d never use geometry? Well apparently the Pythagorean Theorem is important, and why we still haven’t adapted the metric system makes little sense to me, you can’t measure .2″ on a tape… I hope a little rounding won’t thoroughly derail construction.  We’ve also been planting in the garden, and watching our experiment with oyster mushrooms start to bear fruit!  Perhaps the most exciting news is we’re moving closer to opening our Farm-stand! Our egg csa pick up was in the new structure this week, and we’ll have pork and beef to stock up on in the coming week.  After hauling to farmer’s markets for the past couple years to make a living, (at my previous farm,)  I’m loving that ABC Acres, is bringing the market TO the farm.  Also we’ve decided that we’re going to start trying to have a new segment on our YouTube channel, called Follow-up Fridays, we’ve had many requests to see how various projects are working our for us, and we want to keep everyone up to date.  We’re not promising to have a follow up every week, but will make a solid effort.  We feel it will be a good compliment to our existing video library. You can check out our first Follow-up here:

Happy Growing!