Hello again

Apparently it’s been a month since my last blog, I blame Tim.  He said if busy it wasn’t  the highest priority.  Well we’ve been busy, in theory we’re in a maintenance phase, but we all know how theories work.  I feel bad that we’ve left any of you in the dark but if you’re ever missing our blog remember we have weekly videos on YouTube I’d say our channel is fairly stellar, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNThJeLUbU0qnMLfCbL9m8g

We’ve been wild harvesting huckleberries, picking raspberries of the “fedges”, working on the new high tunnel, and watching the calves grow.  Almost as exciting as watching them grow is watching the grass grow!  But hey I’m a dork, the cattle are making a second rotation around the farm and are currently in shoulder deep grass and clover.  Our turkeys are in the historic orchard eating the windfall apples and starting to strut their stuff, life’s good.  Anyway it’s actually raining, as in my shirt actually got wet raining, so I thought I’d take a moment to check in and let y’all know we’re still here.

Best wishes till next time,

ABC acres.