Thunder Mountain

I was going to refer to a rollercoaster that was infamous at a small amusement park near my childhood home, but figured the infamous Thunder Mountain would be easier for most of you to relate to.  As children and even in our early adult lives most of us enjoy roller coasters,  wether it’s the fear, the speed, the end, there’s something that draws us to them.  We’ll even wait in line on scorching concrete just for the thrill of it.  Well this week at the farm was a roller coaster.

Early in the week I went to move the cattle to a fresh paddock, and couldn’t find Lori’s calf.  When I found the little guy he was lethargic and couldn’t stand, so we warmed him up gave him some milk replacer and talked to the vet.  The little guy ended up spending his last 24 hrs in the vets office which broke my heart, but right before he passed the second calf of the season was born!  This guy is strong, happy and healthy, he was born in the midst of 48 hours of cold rain, and made me a nervous wreck.  I brought him a shelter he refused to use it, I could almost hear him mocking me “I’m a strong Highland Bull!, I don’t need your sissified American calf hut…”  It’s great to see him frolicking in the grass or napping in the sun, then Lori will bellow for her calf and I’m reminded of her loss.  It’s been up and down for sure, but I’m already getting in line for next week.