Thunder Mountain

I was going to refer to a rollercoaster that was infamous at a small amusement park near my childhood home, but figured the infamous Thunder Mountain would be easier for most of you to relate to.  As children and even in our early adult lives most of us enjoy roller coasters,  wether it's the fear, the speed, the end, there's [...]

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We are happy to have a number of cattle that call ABC acres home.  Presently we have four Scottish Highlands which are the foundation for building our future beef herd, while trialling two Black Angus in comparison.  The Highlands' hardiness in colder climates, strong immune systems, and heightened efficiency as grazers and browsers make them an ideal addition to our [...]



Chickens are an active partner of ABC acres in helping us realize our long term goals.  Meat, eggs, fertilization, pest & weed management, as well as happy, energetic companions, are many of the roles this feathered friends play.  Afforded clean, healthy pasture, the chickens make the most of their daily outdoor time.  From sun-up to sunset, the chickens are spending [...]



Each farm animal plays an important function on the farm… our goats are no different.  The purebred Nubian goats provide our family with year-round milk, while also doing a fair share of weed management along the way.  In addition to milk production, their milk provides opportunity to make yogurt, ice cream, cheese, buttermilk, sour cream, as well as body care [...]



Since spring 2014, we have had the pleasure of raising pigs on the farm.  Our research steered us towards a heritage breed known as ‘Large Blacks’.  The Large Black is known for its docile temperament and efficient grazing habits on pasture.  As a Permaculture Farm, we strive to minimize inputs while allowing the plants and animals to thrive in a [...]