ABC acres understands the critical role that pollinators play in our local ecosystems... without them, we would not be able to feed ourselves.  As a result, we have gone to great strides to incorporate Permaculture Design Principles in developing habitat-friendly landscapes.  Landscapes planted with plants / trees for abundant pollen availability throughout the seasons, as well as earthworks and specific [...]



Utilizing the Permaculture principle of extending edge, we opted to design and install a unique growing bed built on the principles of South American Chinampa beds.  Dating back hundreds of years, these Chinampa beds were floating edible gardens built on floating racks of bamboo and topped with rich organic matter.  Through capillary action from the water below, the Chinampa beds [...]


Crater Garden

Of all our earthwork projects at the farm, the Crater Garden is the largest and most impressive to date.  At just over 1 acre in size, we combined the design concept of the Crater Garden with that of Hugelkultur.  The basic premise of the CG is to go below existing grade with your earthworks.  By creating a ‘hole’ in the [...]

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From early-season start production to enjoying winter tomatoes, we are blessed to have the use of a year-round greenhouse.  The design of the greenhouse has multiple strategies at play to increase productivity twelve months of the year.  The GH is sighted 4’ below grade, which allows for the thermal mass of the earth to moderate temperature fluctuations, thereby taking the [...]



Our Fedge (aka Food Hedge) is a living hedge that offers edible fruits, privacy, security and wildlife fodder throughout the year.  Extending just over 750’, the hedge is designed with two rows of plantings running the inner and outer side.  Prior to planting the hedge, we set about trenching the entire two runs and placing woody material within to promote [...]



Irrigation via the Republic Ditch Much of our design and installation is built around harnessing natural seasonal rainfall to feed our myriad of plantings.  Until such a time when varying root systems are established and have reached a depth to maintain vibrancy during period of drought, we have Water Rights off a man-made irrigation ditch that carves through the farm. [...]