Bat Houses

Like that of our daytime feathered friends (see Birdhouses & Owl house), Bats play an integral part in our Pest Management strategy once night falls.  The average North American bat can consume over 500 mosquitos in an hour… and that is not all they eat.  Mosquitoes and other insects can play havoc on the enjoyment for both farmer and farm [...]

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Bird Houses

We know for a fact, that as you continue to implement the design science behind a Permaculture based food system, life wants to happen.  In mimicking natural settings through Permaculture design, predatory species like birds, have a natural place in the scheme of things… they are your Pest Management.  Hummingbirds, Bluebirds, Robbins, Wrens, Kestrels, Red Winged Blackbirds, Swallows, Owls, Redtail [...]

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