Since spring 2014, we have had the pleasure of raising pigs on the farm.  Our research steered us towards a heritage breed known as ‘Large Blacks’.  The Large Black is known for its docile temperament and efficient grazing habits on pasture.  As a Permaculture Farm, we strive to minimize inputs while allowing the plants and animals to thrive in a natural habitat through good design.  The Large Blacks are a complement to this holistic system thinking.

By researching plants that are highly desirable and nutritious to pigs, we seeded their multiple paddocks to encourage consumption and good health.  Note that our pig paddocks did not always consist of such tasty edibles… instead of tilling the ground through mechanical means to modify the plant offerings, we used the pigs to work the fields over while seeding behind them once moved to new ground.  The result are paddocks rich in alfalfa, clovers, beets, turnips, radish, sunflower, mallow, purslane, mullen, mustard and more.

Aside from strictly pastured grasses and legumes, we do supplement their feed with both Hay and Big Sky Organic grains during the winter season, pregnancy & lactation and for a regular interval treat.

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