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The ebb and flow of the seasons on the farm command a variety of chores and activities.

In addition to the weekly demands of livestock, edibles and creative earthwork projects, there are surprises from week to week that keep everyone on their toes.  The farm life is exciting, demanding and unpredictable, full of lessons to be learned and life to be lived.  We would’t have it any other way.


Ahh winter, it's a beautiful time of year, maybe my favorite. It's quiet, peaceful, serene, the earth slumbers and in theory farmers rest. I've heard it said that we read, write poetry [...]


Hello! It's been awhile, did you miss us?  As always it's been busy, that said with today being the equinox and a distinct hint of old man winter in the air, things are slowing down. [...]

Cultivating Hope

I'm convinced the very act of farming, implies optimism.  Whether it's planting a seed in the ground, or raising livestock, it's simply not worth the effort without hope.  The mere act of putting a seed [...]

Hello again

Apparently it's been a month since my last blog, I blame Tim.  He said if busy it wasn't  the highest priority.  Well we've been busy, in theory we're in a maintenance phase, but we all know [...]