Welcome to ABC acres!

ABC acres is a permaculture farm in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana. Sustainable food production, healthy living systems, and ecological design is what we are all about. Our cattle, chickens and pigs are out on open pasture, eating, resting and living the way nature intended.

Much like our livestock family, our vegetables, herbs, fruits and nuts are grown with the same approach. It’s a mixture of annuals and perennials intertwined with pollinator species, companion plantings, and multi-structured food forests. It’s nature’s way… a way of reducing disease, increasing harvest and ensuring diversity for an overall healthy farm. In fact, doing things that mirror natural ecosystems is the focus of our operations.

Come out for a visit sometime soon!

What’s happening on the farm:

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It’s been an interesting week on the farm, full of energy and emotions.  One of our interns started this week and it’s great to have another set of hands on the property.  Training a new employee is interesting when I’ve only been on the ground here about […]

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a friendly standoff and defense of territory this morn....
"Cue the deer"

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