Trash to Treasure… Doing Our Collective Part

Trash, garbage, waste, junk… what do these words mean to you? It is a rather ambiguous word, as they say, ‘One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure’. In Permaculture circles, we are taught to observe our surroundings, looking for opportunity to aid in growth by inserting thoughtful design to create vitality and abundance. It goes without saying that in our day to day, whether in the city or in the country, We All contribute to the ever growing materials that find themselves headed to the local landfill, and perhaps inadvertently, outside the landfill into rivers, forest, community streets, and the very air we breath.

At ABC acres, we have created a ‘Bone Yard’ that houses those often discarded materials, with the idea that through observation and creative design, we will find use for it at another time. This is not a new idea, as times long gone, you would have found a tire swing in every backyard. Perhaps with the efficient trash removal services at our disposal these days, it is easier for us to simply toss things on the curb knowing they will be gone tomorrow… ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

At the farm, we have a collection of rusty roof tin, tractor tires, pallets, conduit, wire fence and on, and on. Through observation over time, and when our particular application is defined, we are able to repurpose these materials into a best use scenario… ie. used roofing material, playground equipment, planters, insectaries, livestock housing, landscape elements, etc. By storing the material away, keeping an inventory on hand, and observing the surroundings of the farm, we are able to re-use these materials to accentuate the overall productivity and vitality at ABC acres.

Going a step further, and looking beyond the boundaries of ABC acres, we see individuals and companies working diligently to create platforms for utilizing the products in our trash cans and recycling centers to invent new technologies, fuels and nicknacks. I am pleased to know one such company that also calls the Bitterroot Valley of Montana home, Bioroot Energy ( These folks are working hard to bring their patented & tested Biofuel technology to market to ease consumers purse strings at the pump, clean up the chronic waste epidemic facing this country, and heal the environment all at the same time.

Together, both big and small, we will see the Future We Want.  So start today… do your part by physically recycling, reusing materials instead tossing them in the trash can, and speak with the almighty dollar by supporting clean technology companies like Bioroot Energy. It is our one world, so lets come together to insure planet Earth is a place of infinite vitality and abundance.

All the best,